For the Customer

The Digital Retail Solution

The Spottio smartcart system takes the shopping experience to the next level by offering a wide range of digital in-store services. Creating more value for the customer is a key factor in making the shopping experience more enjoyable. With the Spottio solution, shopping is made efficient, fun, and with as little human contact or interaction as wanted. Enjoy safer and more convenient shopping with the Spottio solution!

Shopping Lists

Whether you pair your mobile phone with the in store app or start by creating a shopping list directly on the Spottio user interface, you will be able to view and edit your shopping list directly from the tablet screen.

Indoor Navigation and Store Map

No more searching for staff to help you find the things on your shopping list! Plan your route and find products easily using the store map and indoor navigation system.

Product Information and Offers

During the shopping round product information, campaigns, and current discounts are available on the tablet screen. This type of shown information can be customised.

Location-based Ads

Receive relevant ads based on your location in the store. This feature comes in handy if you are looking for the best offers nearby your current location.

Barcode Scanning

This is truly a time-saver for shoppers! Use the built-in barcode scanner to scan the products during your shopping round. The virtual shopping basket view shows the total price of your basket, the number of scanned products, and individual prices.

Self-checkout & Payment

You can decide to skip the cashier lines and use the self-checkout instead. With the Spottio system, you can easily perform a self payment and scan your loyalty rewards card to earn those points! Pay directly through the in-cart app or with a quick code at the cashier.