Spottio System

The Spottio System is an All-You-Need digital Retail and Customer Service platform meant for the consumer and store manager level use. Both levels have their own customized tools and services.

The Spottio System consists of multiple different modules. These modules together create a powerfull, customizable and efficient retail system. It’s all about these modules working together to deliver a robust system and as Spottio delivers all of the required modules this is rather straight forward.

The Spottio System can roughly be divided to three different sections: frontend, backend and indoor navigation. To learn more about the key components of our system please continue reading below.

End-use devices

The frontend of the System consists of end-use devices located at the store level. The Spottio system mainly utilizes tablet style computers to serve the consumers – pretty much any Android touch screen device can be used. The end use devices are mainly mounted to the shopping carts (Media Handle) and “floor stand / shelf mounted” -style enclosures they are always equiped with the Spottio UI.


The Spottio Manager is a one stop web application gathering all the required tools for the store personnel. The Manager is an easy way to control and manage your Spottio fleet from where ever you are as long as there is an Internet connection available.

Things like content creation, end-use device configuration, ad management and reading statistics are done through the Manager.


The backend of the Spottio System consist of several modular components. The backend is hosted by Spottio and it is served as a service. The backend serves and processes all the required data used by the end-use devices at the store level.

The backend integrates seamlessly to existing databases and services making it possible to utilize the existing content. The goal is to automate content creation without generating any extra tasks to the staff’s daily routines.