80% of the purchase decisions are made in-store!
Modern and innovative marketing and sales solutions for retail, wholesale and warehouse use.


Spottio is a pioneer in producing digital marketing and retail solutions – bringing the benefits of real-time and location-based information to consumers with a complete end-to-end solution.

80% of the purchase decisions are made in-store! 83% of the consumers will remember a product shown on a digital screen! These bullets alone should explain why the Spottio system should exist in every retail store.

Retail & Wholesale

Spottio aims to modernize the retail experience by utilizing digital customer service end-use devices containing a wide range of digital in-store services. On these devices we run the Spottio UI. Creating more value for the consumer is a key factor in increasing customer loyalty and overall sales.


For warehouse use Spottio has a variety of micro tools. These tools focus on supporting the everyday tasks which the warehouse personnel face. By filling in the gaps these tools increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

The Spottio solutions are typically integrated to the main warehouse management software (WMS).