Spottio User Interface

For the consumer the Spottio UI is the most visible part of the Spottio System. As a modern and customizable user interface it can be utilized in all of our product variants from the Media Hadles to the Static Displays. To make the The Spottio UI blend into the store environment it is always customized according to the store brand guideline.

For more information on the key features of the Spottio UI please continue reading below.

Offers & Product Campaigns

The base view of the UI during a shopping round is typically the Product Offers -view. The layout consists of the product image and pricing information. This view shows the latest and on point ads and offers to the consumer. The user can select to show the location of the product on the store map. New products appear every 30s. The up to date product information is fetched directly from the store’s product database.

Showing product offers and capaign ads to the consumer during the shopping round is an effective way to increase sales.

Floormap & Product Categories & Location

The store map and product categories view help the consumer navigate through the ails of the store. The “you-are-here” dot shows the current location of the cart in real-time.

Location Based Ads

Location based ads are show at predefined  locations. Once the end-use device arrives to the defined location the ad will be triggered and show full screen. These ads will help to pinpoint specific products and product areas in the store.

Nearby points of interest and other key locations in the store can also be shown.

Finding Bulky Products & Configurators

Often it can be hard for the consumer to identify the bulky products in the store. The bulky products search helps the consumer to identify and find the wanted products.

Product Search

One of the most commonly asked question by the consumer in a retail store is where to find a certain product. The Product Search view brings the up to date real-time product information to the consumer.

Clicking the show on map -button will guide the consumer to the product.

Self Scanning & Basket

A modern barcode scanner is implemented to the media hanglebar enclosure. Self scanning is a requirement for utilising the self checkout but it also gives the consumer an opportunity to easily list the collected items.

Quick &
Self Checkout

What would be more attracting than avoiding long queues to the cashier during rush hours. Even better would be if the selected goods could be packed directly into a shopping bag. The Spottio system makes this possible.


Additional Custom Functions

Different types of integrations and customizations according to your needs can be implemented to the UI.