Retail & Wholesale

To stay at the top of the game, offering a dynamic and intuitive retail experience is a must. Spottio brings the benefits of real-time and location-based solutions to consumers with a complete end-to-end system. The System includes separate tools for both the consumer and the retail manager level. Our main goals are to increase sales and to offer a modern and flawless shopping experience to the consumer. We believe that a happy consumer will return!

The self checkout and quick payment methods are highly requested services today. The Spottio System can be integrated to the existing cashier system which makes providing checkout services to the consumers possible.

Spottio end-use devices – Several different type of Android based devices can be used to provide our system to the consumers. The most common ones being: the Media Handle and shelf mounted / floor stand displays. The tablet based solution can be enclosed

Media Handle

The Spottio media handles utilize the existing carts making them smart! It’s as simple as removing the current handlebar and replacing it with the Spottio one – Done!

The handlebar screen is running powerful and customizable the Spottio UI. By using the Spottio System the customer can be reached effectively during the whole shopping round. There is hardly no other way doing this than by occupying the carts with a system like this.

The graphics on the Media Handlebar  are always customized accoding to the customers brand guideline.

Spottio User Interface

The customizable Spottio UI is used in all of the end-use devices in the retail and wholesale type installations. A collection of modern and intuitive software tools support the consumer through the whole shopping round.

The UI design is always customized according to the customers brand guideline.


Gain valuable data about your customers and their shopping behaviour. Understand the customers’ individual preferences by analyzing the in-store shopping routes and purchase history.

The statistics and analytic tools are a part of the Spottio Manager management tool.

Charging stations

The carts equipped with Spottio Media Handles are charged automatically while parked in the charging station (cart park). This ensures that the batteries have enough energy to power up the end-use devices 24/7.

The big info screen is attached to the end of the charging station can be used for showing still images and videos.

Depenging on the total amount of carts – multiple charging stations can be installed to one site.