For the Business

A Complete Smartcart Platform

Digital shopping solutions are more than just e-commerce. Spottio is bringing the benefits of real-time and location-based information to retailers with end-to-end service and a complete system offering solutions based on customers’ behaviour and analytics. In response to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the independent checkout system technology is looking to expand. At Spottio, we are looking to offer a seamless shopping solution to our clients which keeps the shoppers safe and makes shopping more convenient – and efficient!

Branded Smartcarts

The Spottio solution includes the possibility to use branded carts to strengthen your company’s brand awareness.


Reach your customers with the right message and optimize the shopping experience! Boost your sales with efficient marketing and showing relevant ads based on collected shopping data.

Create Location-based Ads

Present targeted and location-based ads and push notifications to your customer. Nearby points of interest and other key locations in the store can also be shown during the shopping rounds.

Product Offers and Campaigns

Attractive product offers and campaigns, cooking recipes, and product information will be shown to your customer during the shopping rounds.

Shopping Data Analytics

Gain valuable data about your customers and their shopping behaviour. Understand the customers’ individual preferences by analyzing the in-store shopping routes and purchase history.

The architecture

  • Product information and offers
  • Product location
  • Barcode scanning
  • Shopping list
  • Route optimization
  • Indoor navigation & store map
  • Self-checkout & payment

  • Ad placement
  • Create targeted ads and product offers
  • Use location-based ads to increase the sales
  • Cut down labor costs

  • Spottio dashboard
  • Retailer planogram
  • Ad assets
  • Product data
  • Store map
  • Wayfinding